Bloodline ‘s Norbert Leo Butz Is Full Of Surprises – HuffPost

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The best part of binge-watching television series like Netflix’s Bloodline is speeding towards the surprises — characters grow on us, evolve and then take a turn we never saw coming — which of course brings us to Kevin “oh no you didn’t” Rayburn. The underestimated, impulsive f-up kid brother who ended Season Two by being pretty focused after all.

Even more surprising to those not familiar with this actor is the fact that Norbert Leo Butz is a hugely accomplished Broadway performer known for his award-winning lead roles in the musicals Rent, Wicked, Catch Me if You Can and Big Fish. If you listen carefully you can hear a real singer’s voice when he speaks. He’s also played edgy and nuanced dramatic roles in plays including Speed the Plow and How I Learned to Drive and is currently working on the second season of Mercy Street in which he plays a Civil War-era surgeon.

Butz’s broad range and sheer talent, along with his non-matinee idol looks, puts him right up there with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti — versatile, gifted and crazy smart.

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